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What parents can do to promote good driving practices for teens

On Behalf of | May 4, 2016 | Car Accidents

In some situations, how a teen acts can have major long-term ramifications, both for the teen and others. One such situation is when a teen is behind the wheel.

Sadly, the roads can be a dangerous place for teens. Auto accidents can inflict serious injuries on teens. Also, according to the National Safety Council, auto accidents top the list of killers of teens. How safe a teen is out on the roads in part depends on their own driving conduct. A teens’ driving conduct can also have significant implications safety-wise for other individuals out on the roads.

One challenge that arises when it comes to teen driving conduct is the inexperience of teen drivers. This inexperience can sometimes lead to teens not knowing how best to respond to certain driving situations.

Thus, it can be important for parents to promote good driving habits among their inexperienced teen drivers. Things parents can do in this regard include:

  • Engage in safe and responsible driving conduct themselves. Teens may model their driving behavior off of what they see their parents do behind the wheel.
  • Set rules for their teens on driving and things that can have impacts on driving safety, such as rules on cellphones, seatbelt use, when they can drive and who they can have as passengers.
  • Doing driving practice with their teens, even after their teen gets their license.

What safe driving lessons do you think it is most important for parents here in Texas to teach their teens? What things would you recommend for getting these lessons across?

Source: National Safety Council, “Top 5 Things Parents Need to Know About Teen Driving,” May 2, 2016


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