Losing one’s temper can be problematic in any circumstance. Behind the wheel though, it can be downright dangerous. When a person’s temper flares when driving, and they allow their temper to control how they act behind the wheel, it could result in them engaging in road rage or aggressive driving. Serious car crashes can come out of such behavior.

So, being aware of when tempers can be most likely to run high, both generally and personally, can be important for a driver. This can give a driver insight on when they need to be particularly watchful of their temper out on the roads. It can also give drivers an idea of when fellow motorists might be particularly short-tempered, which may make them want to be particularly careful about certain types of driving conduct (like changing lanes) during these times of day.

A recent study pointed to certain times that could be particularly high-tempered out on the roads. The study looked at the time and other details of over 65,000 posts on Instagram that had the hashtag #RoadRage attached to them. The study found that 6 p.m. on Friday was a time of the week that saw a general spike in these kinds of posts. The month of the year the study found such posts to be most prevalent in was August.

What do you think of what this study found? In your opinion, what are the most high-temper times out on roads here in the Houston area? What do you think are some of the best aggressive driving prevention and road rage prevention methods for stressful times on the roads?

When road rage or aggressive driving by another driver causes a person to get hurt, there are various legal avenues the hurt individual may be able to pursue for compensation. When one has been harmed by an aggressive driver or a road-rage-committing driver, it can be wise to seek out a skilled personal injury attorney’s help when it comes to legal matters related to the incident.

Source: NBC News Want to Avoid the Summer’s Worst Road Rage? Don’t Drive at This Time,” Lucy Bayly, May 14, 2016