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When drinking and driving are mixed, lives can be lost

On Behalf of | May 26, 2016 | Car Accidents

One hopes that this Memorial Day weekend will be a safe one for all those here in the Houston area, particularly out on the roads. Many things can affect how safe the roads are over a holiday weekend. One is how careful drivers are to avoid mixing drinking and driving.

Drunk driving is by no means a minor thing. The actions of a drunk driver could end up taking the lives of innocent victims, leaving the victims’ family facing all manner of heartbreak and hardships. Experienced traffic crash attorneys can help families of victims of fatal collisions involving a drunk driver with identifying what legal steps might be able to help them with eventually securing compensation to help with some of these hardships.

Recent news from here in Houston brings home the point that drunk driving can cause massive harm. According to a recent article on CW39’s website, drunk driving is suspected in three fatal crashes that have occurred in the Houston area in the past two weeks. The fatality total of the three crashes is five, with two of the collisions resulting in one fatality each and the other crash resulting in three deaths. In all three collisions, a driver has had criminal charges leveled against them.

This recent rash of fatal crashes in which drunk driving is suspected raises questions as to how big and prevalent of a problem drunk driving is in the Houston area. What things do you think should be done here in the Houston area in relation to the problem of drunk driving?


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