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Month: June 2016

How walkable is Houston?

There are all kinds of things a person may want from the city they live in. One of the things that individuals who do a lot of pedestrian travel typically would like their city to have is a high level of walkability.How is the Houston area currently doing when it...

Is Houston a safe place for drivers?

Houston-area drivers may find a recent report’s findings rather disquieting. According to the report, which is on NerdWallet’s website, Houston is among the least safe cities in the country for drivers.For the report, various driver-safety-related factors...

Small SUV sales up, particularly among women

In recent years, sales of small SUVs have been trending up in the United States. Recent statistics point to women (particularly single women) being a big driving force in this trend.The statistics regard sales levels for small mainstream SUVs between 2010 and 2015....


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