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Are small SUVs falling short on protecting front-seat passengers?

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2016 | SUV Accidents

All individuals riding out on the roads, whether they be drivers or passengers, deserve a safe trip. So, it is very important for automobiles, like SUVs, to give adequate protection to all of their occupants. Given this, some people may be alarmed by the findings of recent small SUV crash tests. These tests indicate that some small SUVs might not be giving as much protection to front-seat passengers as they are to drivers.

The tests were Insurance Institute for Highway Safety tests. They involved doing front-small-overlap crash tests on the passenger side of seven different models of small SUV. Two of the models were 2014 models, four were 2015 models and one was a 2016 model. Each of the seven models was from a different automaker. All seven of these models had gotten a rating of “good” on previously conducted driver-side front-small-overlap crash tests.

These models did not have these same across-the-board high ratings in the passenger-side front-small-overlap crash tests. In fact only, one of them got a “good” rating in these tests. Of the remaining models, three were rated “acceptable,” two were rated “marginal” and one was rated “poor.” As a note, the ratings from these passenger-side front-small-overlap crash tests are not official ratings.

As a note, front-small-overlap tests are aimed at gauging how well a vehicle handles a front-corner crash.

One wonders if these test results will lead to any changes in how makers of small SUVs handle front-passenger safety in their vehicle design.

Passengers are among those sometimes seriously injured in SUV accidents. When a passenger is harmed in such an accident, skilled motor vehicle crash attorneys can investigate for them what things contributed to the accident and their injuries. Examples of things that are sometimes contributors to SUV accidents and injuries are misconduct by a driver involved in the accident, poor road conditions and problems with a vehicle’s design or manufacturing. What legal options related to compensation victims of SUV accidents have in part depends on what contributing factors were present in relation to the crash and their injuries.


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