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How many commercial vehicle accidents did Harris County see last year?

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2016 | Truck Accidents

Harris County’s roads are shared by a lot of different kinds of vehicles. This includes commercial vehicles, such as commercial 18-wheelers.

The county saw thousands of accidents involving these types of vehicles last year. Specifically, data from the Texas Department of Transportation indicates that, in 2015, 5,887 commercial vehicle accidents happened in Harris County.

No other county in the state had this high of a total. The two next closest counties were Dallas County (with 3,598 accidents) and Bexar County (with 2,412 accidents). Overall, Harris County’s commercial vehicle accidents made up around 17 percent of all crashes involving commercial vehicles in the state in 2015. The statewide total for such accidents that year was 34,230.

Harris County commercial vehicle crashes were responsible for a fair number of injuries and possible injuries last year. They also resulted in 37 deaths. This fatality total again put Harris County ahead of all other counties in the state. The state as a whole saw over 600 fatalities from commercial vehicle accidents in 2015.

As this illustrates, Harris County sees a fair number of commercial vehicle accidents in a year. In addition to having the potential to cause substantial harm, commercial vehicle crashes can also raise some unique and complicated issues when it comes to victims’ efforts to get just compensation (such as issues regarding potential truck company liability). So, given this, a commercial vehicle accident victim may want the guidance and assistance of an attorney familiar with the unique aspects and nature of commercial vehicle accident cases when trying to navigate compensation-related matters.


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