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How walkable is Houston?

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2016 | Car Accidents

There are all kinds of things a person may want from the city they live in. One of the things that individuals who do a lot of pedestrian travel typically would like their city to have is a high level of walkability.

How is the Houston area currently doing when it comes to walkability? A recent report gives some mixed news regarding the Houston metro area’s performance in this realm.

The report looked at and ranked the walkability of 30 different U.S. metro areas, with the Houston area being one of these areas. This most recent report is an update of a report from 2014.

On the positive side, the new report indicates Houston has increased pedestrian amenities.

However, other aspects of the report are something those who desire Houston to be a very walkable city may find discouraging. This includes that the new report:

  • Gave Houston a worse walkability ranking than the initial 2014 report. The new report dropped Houston’s rank to No. 20. A big contributor to this drop were changes in what things were considered in determining the rankings.
  • Found that Houston remains in the lower-middle level when it comes to “walkable urbanism.”
  • Indicated that only 4 percent of multi-family housing, 6 percent of retail space and 29 percent of office space in Houston is located in areas that the report defined as walkable.

What would you like to see done regarding walkability here in the Houston area in upcoming years?

Of course, how much in walkable areas a metro area has is not the only thing that is very impactful on the metro area’s pedestrians. Another such thing is how safe the walkable areas that are present are for pedestrians. Thus, one hopes that if Houston does take efforts in upcoming years to greatly expand the amount of walkable areas in the metro area, the efforts take pedestrian safety appropriately into account and drivers in these new walkable areas make pedestrian safety a high priority.

When a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle when out walking, they may want to have a skilled attorney look over the accident and the related circumstances and give them an assessment of their legal situation regarding compensation.

Source: Houston Chronicle, “Pedestrian amenities added, but region slides in ranking,” Dug Begley, June 16, 2016


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