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Is Houston a safe place for drivers?

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2016 | Car Accidents

Houston-area drivers may find a recent report’s findings rather disquieting. According to the report, which is on NerdWallet’s website, Houston is among the least safe cities in the country for drivers.

For the report, various driver-safety-related factors were looked at for nearly 200 of the highest population American cities. Among the factors looked at were length of time between accidents for the average driver, fatal crash rate, accident likelihood as compared to the national average and factors connected to auto-related thefts.

From this analysis, the report came up with lists of the most and least safe cities in the nation for drivers. Houston unfortunately made the list of the 20 least safe cities. Specifically, it held the No. 15 spot. It was one of two Texas cities to be on the “least safe” list. The other was Dallas, which was given the No. 9 spot.

Among the things the report found when it came to Houston were that the city’s fatal crash rate is 9.8 fatal crashes for every 100,000 residents, Houston’s accident likelihood is 37.9 percent greater than the national average and the average length of time between accidents for Houston drivers is 7.2 years.

A city being a particularly unsafe one for drivers can have many negative impacts on its residents. For one, it could mean increased auto insurance costs. Another thing the report did was compare the average auto insurance costs of the various cities. The report found that the cities that it found to be more dangerous for drivers tended to have higher average auto insurance rates. The average insurance rate that the report found for Houston was $1,578.17 a year, which was lower than the overall average rate for the 20 least safe cities, but significantly higher than the overall average rate for the 20 most safe cities.

Also, the overall environment for drivers being unsafe in a city could expose the city’s residents to a greater likelihood of suffering motor vehicle accidents and the major injuries such accidents can result in. Being hurt in a motor vehicle accident can raise a range of different issues for a person, including insurance issues. Among the insurance-related issues that can come up in connection to auto accidents are issues regarding trying to get fair compensation from insurance companies. When it comes to such issues, auto accident victims can seek out the help of skilled car accident lawyers.


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