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New auto safety technologies and auto insurance rates

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2016 | Car Accidents

There are all kinds of decisions to make when you are buying a new car. Among these decisions is what kinds of features you want your car to have.

Among the feature-related things cars can differ in quite a bit is what safety features they have. There are many types of new safety technologies a car can contain, like automatic braking features. Automatic braking features and similar technologies are showing up in more and more new cars these days and may in the future become something nearly all new cars have. However, as things currently stand, there are still plenty of new automobile models out there that lack these features.

Many factors can play a role in what car a buyer chooses when picking a new car. One is what impacts a given model of car, and the features it contains, could have on their auto insurance rates. Thus, one thing that could have the potential to impact how likely buyers are to pick cars that have new auto safety features like auto braking is whether there are insurance discounts available in relation to having such features.

Currently, discounts for the current class of new safety features are still pretty rare. According to a recent Associated Press analysis, only two of the 11 largest auto insurance companies in the U.S. offer any direct discounts for such features. One wonders if this will significantly change in the future. One also wonders, if such discounts become more common, if it will raise how popular such safety features are among car buyers and thus how many cars with these features end up out on the roads.

Buying a car is certainly not the only time in which auto insurance concerns can come up for a person. Another context in which major such concerns can arise is in the wake of an auto accident. For one, those injured in the accident may have many questions and worries about what sorts of things could impact how likely they are to receive fair compensation from the involved insurance companies. When it comes to compensation-related insurance issues connected to auto accidents, personal injury attorneys can assist accident victims with handling the issues and trying to find a satisfactory resolution to them.

Source: Houston Chronicle, “Few insurers cut rates for new electronic safety devices,” Tom Krisher, June 12, 2016


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