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Small SUV sales up, particularly among women

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2016 | SUV Accidents

In recent years, sales of small SUVs have been trending up in the United States. Recent statistics point to women (particularly single women) being a big driving force in this trend.

The statistics regard sales levels for small mainstream SUVs between 2010 and 2015. While the statistics indicate that small mainstream SUV purchases went up for both men and women over this period, they also indicate that the level of the purchase increase among women vehicle-buyers was considerably higher. The purchase increase over this period was only 22 percent for men, while it was 34 percent for women.

The statistics also indicate that small SUVs are making up a larger and larger percentage of vehicles purchased by female buyers. Around one-fourth of vehicles sold to women last year were small mainstream SUVs, according to the data. In contrast, in 2010, small mainstream SUV sales made up well under one-fifth of vehicle sales to women for the year.

Among the other things the statistics point to is single women making up a substantial portion (around 40 percent) of female vehicle-purchasers.

One wonders what particular things are behind the big growth in small SUV purchases by women and what impacts the trends the statistics point to will have on the behavior, such as the marketing behavior, of SUV makers and sellers in the future.

How SUV makers act can matter greatly. It can, for one, have traffic safety effects. Like any type of motor vehicle, SUVs raise their own particular safety concerns. How good of a job SUV makers do of addressing these special concerns can impact how safe their vehicles are for motorists and how likely SUV accidents are out on the roads. So, it is very important for SUV makers to not cut safety corners to try to meet increased demand.

So, one hopes that, whatever happens with the sales levels for SUVs, SUV makers take appropriate efforts to ensure the vehicles they make are safe.

Source: Bloomberg, “Single Women Get Credit for Booming SUV Demand,” Melissa Mittelman, May 30, 2016


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