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What distraction causes the most teen driver accidents?

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2016 | Car Accidents

It is vital for teens to stay away from distractions when driving. Distracted driving is currently a major contributor to teen car crashes. This can be seen in a recent AAA report.

The report is the latest in a series of research done in connection to a AAA project involving reviewing in-vehicle dash camera footage of teen car crashes. This recent report indicates that distracted driving is a factor in well over half of teen auto accidents (60 percent). The report also identified the three distractions that are involved in the most teen driving accidents, based on findings from the reviews of the camera footage.

Some might assume that cellphone use is the top teen-crash-causing distraction. It is true that cellphone-use-related distractions are a major problem among teen drivers. Research indicates that, when it comes to teen drivers, there has been an increase in recent years of social media use while driving and texting while driving. And, in the above-mentioned report, cellphone use (this includes texting) was found to behind 12 percent of teen auto accidents. However, the report found that cellphone use is the No. 2, not the No. 1, distraction when it comes to crashes involving teen drivers.

According to the report, the top distraction is a teen driver’s passengers. Fifteen percent of teen car crashes involve driver distractions related to passengers, according to the report’s findings.

The distraction that the report found to hold the No. 3 spot when it comes to prevalence in teen driver crashes was looking at/attending to things in one’s vehicle.

These findings underscore that, while encouraging teen drivers to avoid distracting cellphone use while driving is very important, it is critical to not lose sight of the fact that the problem of teen distracted driving goes beyond just cellphone use, and touches on a variety of other things. It is important for parents to keep this in mind when making decisions regarding what rules related to driving to give their teen.

When a person is hurt by a distracted driver, whether the driver be a teen or of a different age and whether the distraction involved a cellphone of something else, having a discussion with a skilled attorney is something the victim may find very helpful in understanding their options/rights.

Source: Valley News Live, “AAA reveals top driving distractions for teens as ‘100 Deadliest Days’ begin,” June 1, 2016


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