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Does a better economy mean more truck accident deaths?

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2016 | Truck Accidents

An economy recovering after a difficult stretch can obviously have lots of beneficial effects. However, periods of recovery can also have their less positive aspects. A recent study points to increased fatal commercial truck crashes being one such possible negative implication.

The study was aimed at looking at what contributed to traffic deaths going down during the recent Great Recession, but back up during the recovery period following this recession. In investigating this issue, the study analyzed federal fatal crash statistics for 2003 to 2013.

The study identified changes in the occurrence of truck crash deaths as the biggest influencer on the above-mentioned trend. The study found changes in the unemployment rate to be associated with a particularly big change in the number of fatalities involving accidents in which a truck of over 10,000 pounds was among the involved vehicles.

Why might a strengthening economy result in more truck accident fatalities? One possibility is that better economic conditions lead to more commercial trucks being out on the roads, which could up the opportunities for commercial truck accidents to occur.

This study underscores that, in the increased commercial trucking activity that may occur during times of economic upswing, safety is an incredibly important thing for trucking companies to focus on. What truck safety issues and matters do you think it is particularly vital for truck companies to give close attention to in times of increased commercial trucking activity?

In both good and bad economic times, when truck companies are neglectful of safety matters, innocent motorists can suffer, perhaps even having their life endangered. When truck company safety negligence leads to accidents that result in injuries or death, experienced truck crash attorneys can assist victims and families with investigating the possibility of legal action against the negligent company.

Source: ScienceDaily, “Study links recession recovery, increase in commercial truck fatalities,” July 11, 2016


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