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Study: many small SUVs have poor headlight performance

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2016 | SUV Accidents

How safe a given SUV is for its occupants can be affected by many things. This includes its overall structure and the quality and performance of the various devices aboard it. So, the physical and mechanical features of an SUV are among the things that could potentially be a factor when it comes to an SUV accident.

Given this, among the information it can be important for an SUV crash victim to have following their accident is information on whether any particular aspects of the SUV they were in contributed to the crash or how severe it ended up being. Skilled motor vehicle crash attorneys can work to help uncover this information and other key information for individuals hurt in SUV accidents.

Among the things that can impact the safety of an SUV is how good of visibility its driver would have behind the wheel. When it is dark out, one of the things that greatly impacts a driver’s visibility is how well the headlights on the vehicle they are driving perform.

Recently, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety performed tests that looked at how good the headlights on certain models of small SUVs are. The small SUVs, overall, did not do very well in the tests.

In the tests, things like how much usable light an SUV’s headlights provided in on-road conditions and the amount of glare the headlights generated were looked at. Twenty-one models of small SUV went through the tests.

Even when it came to their the best performing trim level headlight-wise, none of the tested small SUVs turned in a headlight performance sufficient to get the top available rating (the rating of “good”). And only nine of the SUVs were able to make it into either of the next two highest rating levels for any of their trims, the “average” and “marginal” levels (four of these SUVs got an average rating and five got a marginal one). So, over half of the tested SUVs ended up having their top-performing headlights receive the lowest rating possible, the “poor” rating.

One wonders if, in future years, small SUVs will end up doing better in these headlight performance tests.

Source: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety – Highway Loss Data Institute, “Most small SUV headlights rate poor in IIHS evaluations,” July 12, 2016


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