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Swangin’: A life-endangering ‘game’

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2016 | Car Accidents

Keeping the roads safe is the responsibly of all drivers. Unfortunately, some drivers fall far short of living up to this responsibility.

For example, there are drivers out there who intentionally engage in dangerous conduct out on the roads for entertainment. This can be seen in Swangin’, a dangerous “game” that has been showing up on Houston area roads in recent years.

Swangin’ involves drivers intentionally zig-zaging between traffic lanes.

In most games, the stakes aren’t that high. That is certainly not the case though for reckless driving games like Swangin’. People’s lives can be put at risk by such games. Swangin’ has had fatal consequences in the past here in the Houston area. So, how prevalent such games are in an area is a very big deal.

One wonders how prevalent of a presence dangerous driving games like Swangin’ will have out on the roads in the Houston area in the future and what efforts will be taken in the area to try to keep such games from occurring.

When a person is subjected to a motor vehicle collision because of another driver’s dangerous conduct, whether the conduct came about through negligence/carelessness or intentional actions (such as actions related to dangerous driving “games” like Swangin’) by the other driver, the victim could end up suffering injuries that have life-changing ramifications. Such ramifications might seem impossible to handle. However, there are legal options, such as options related to the seeking of compensation, that victims of careless, negligent or international unsafe conduct by other drivers may have for trying to put themselves in a better position to deal with these ramifications.


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