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When travel plans go awry, beware drowsy driving

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2016 | Car Accidents

When a person has travel plans involving flights, one of their big hopes is generally that everything involving their air travel will go smoothly. Now, as a Los Angeles Times article noted, there are things travelers can do in their planning to try to reduce the chances of major hiccups coming up in relation to their flights, such as booking nonstop flights and avoiding booking a day’s last flight to their particular location.

Unfortunately, even when these sorts of precautions are taken, a person’s air travel plans could end up going awry. Weather, issues with the plane, mistakes by the airline or other factors could result in their flight getting significantly delayed or canceled.

Now, a person’s air travel plans going sideways could lead to them having to take to the roads unexpectedly. If a flight they were taking got canceled, and no alternative flight is available, they may have to drive to get to their location if rescheduling their trip to a later time isn’t an option. Or, if their flight was delayed, they may end up having to drive in their destination city later than expected.

It is critical, when such unexpected drives come up for a person, for the individual to ensure that the situation doesn’t go from just being unexpected/inconvenient to also being unsafe. Among the safety issues that could come up in connection to unexpected car travel are concerns about drowsy driving.

Being fatigued behind the wheel could cause a driver to be a danger to themselves and others. Skilled Texas car accident attorneys can provide individuals in the state who have been hurt by a drowsy driver with representation in compensation-related matters.

When air travel plans going awry leads to unexpected car travel for a person, it is crucial for them to pay close attention to whether they are too tired to drive, and, if they think they are, to take appropriate steps towards getting out of a drowsy state, such as taking a rest/break, before getting behind the wheel. While this may cause a person to get to their location later than they would like, it is worth remembering that no amount of time savings is worth creating a traffic safety hazard.


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