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Month: August 2016

Truck cameras becoming increasingly common

Video camera technology has developed considerably over the years. These developments have made it so video cameras are all over the place in our world, particularly with the video-taking abilities of smartphones. So, when motor vehicle accidents occur, the accident...

Keeping carpools safe for students

Last week, we discussed safety issues regarding school buses. Of course, school buses are not the only transportation choice parents here in Houston have for getting their kids to and from school. One of the alternatives to sending one’s kids out on the school...

When a commercial truck loses its load

Among the things it is critical for truck companies and their drivers to do is ensure that the loads their trucks are carrying are properly secured. If they fail to, it could result in the load falling from a truck when the truck is out on the road, turning that load...

The Hidden Dangers Of Trampoline Parks

More and more families in Texas and throughout the country are visiting trampoline parks to celebrate birthdays, have parties or just spend a day out. According to a recent article from NPR, the rising popularity of trampoline parks comes with an increase in injuries....


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