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A deadly Labor Day weekend ahead on U.S. roads?

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2016 | Wrongful Death

Holidays should be a safe time for everyone, including out on the roads. Sadly though, both here in Texas and throughout the country, holidays sometimes see a fair amount of traffic crashes and fatalities. This includes the Labor Day holiday. Unfortunately, recent estimates by the National Safety Council predict that this year’s Labor Day weekend could be a particularly deadly one in America.

The U.S. traffic death total that is currently being predicted for this upcoming holiday weekend is 438 deaths. This would be largest total since 2008.

Many different things can create dangers out on the roads over a holiday weekend. One is drivers taking the wheel when intoxicated.

Last year, drunk driving caused a good deal of harm out on Texas’ roads over the Labor Day weekend. According to state data, over that holiday period, 359 traffic accidents that were classified as DUI-alcohol crashes happened in the state. Thirty-six serious injuries and 12 deaths came out of those crashes.

So, one key aspect of keeping the roads safe over this year’s Labor Day weekend here in Texas is individuals exercising good judgment and safe conduct when it comes to alcohol. This includes turning to alternative forms of transportation, such as taxis, public transit, ride-sharing vehicles or vehicles being driven by designated drivers, when one has been drinking rather than trying to take to the wheel. It is critical for drivers to remember that, both during holidays and at other times of the year, the decision to get behind the wheel with alcohol in one’s system can be one with massive consequences that a person can never take back.

Source: Consumer Reports, “Road Fatalities Estimated to Be High This Labor Day,” Michelle Naranjo, Aug. 23, 2016


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