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Are Texas drivers among the nation’s worst?

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2016 | Wrongful Death

There may be frustrating days in which a Texas driver feels like the drivers who share the roads with them in the state are the worst in the country. A recent study raises the possibility that this might not actually be that far off from the truth.

The study came out with a list of the 10 states with the worst drivers. Texas was on the list; its drivers were ranked the ninth worst in the country. In determining state driver quality to come up with these rankings, the study looked at statistics regarding things such as speeding tickets, traffic fatalities, auto insurance coverage and drunk driving.

One of the things that contributed to Texas’ spot on this list is that it took the top spot in a very unfortunate category. This category is how big of a percentage drunk driving crash deaths made up of overall state traffic deaths. The percentage was 40 percent for Texas, higher than it was in any other state.

So, drunk driving is responsible for quite a few deaths out on Texas’ roads. This underscores how big of a traffic safety issue drunk driving currently is in Texas.

Few things can be more heartbreaking for a family than losing a loved one because of an accident caused by someone who drank before getting behind the wheel. The amount of things a family in such a situation is dealing with can seem endless. Experienced wrongful death attorneys can assist families with one of these classes of things, the legal matters coming out of such fatal crashes.

Source: CBS Money Watch, “Which state has the worst drivers in the U.S?.,” Ed Leefeldt, Aug. 8, 2016


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