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‘Graham’ well-suited for car accidents, but our bodies aren’t

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2016 | Car Accidents

A recent intriguing creation by an Australian artist underscores how vulnerable our bodies are in motor vehicle collisions.

The creation is called Graham. The artist designed Graham as part of efforts by her country’s government to increase awareness of the importance of traffic safety.

Graham is a full-sized sculpture of the artist’s conception of what the human body would look like if it were evolutionarily adapted to better withstand the impacts of low-speed auto crashes. In coming up with this sculpture, the artist looked into the types of physical harm that typically come out of car crashes, came up with different body design features that could be resistant to such harms and incorporated such features into Graham.

The actual model of Graham is located in Australia, but individuals here in the United States can see what he looks like, as pictures of him are present on many online news sources.

While Graham is generally humanoid in appearance, he looks quite different from the standard human body. Among the many unique “features” the sculpture’s body has are:

  • A lack of a neck.
  • Crumple zones in his skull.
  • The biological equivalent of airbags in his rib cage.
  • Extra leg joints.
  • Extra knee tendons.
  • Tougher skin.
  • Extra cushioning in various parts of his body.

How different Graham’s body is indicates how far the human body is off from what would be ideally suited for handling car accidents. This serves as a reminder of how many and how severe of injuries traffic accident victims can be exposed to.

The injuries individuals end up suffering from a car crash can have far-reaching implications. These potential implications can regard all kinds of things, including quality-of-life, medical needs, everyday living situation and finances. Given how many key aspects of a person’s life car accident injuries can affect, one can understand why the pursuit of appropriate compensation can be such an important and impactful endeavor following being in a harmful auto crash. Skilled personal injury attorneys can assist in this endeavor.

Source: Popular Science, “This Is What Humans Would Look Like If We Could Withstand Car Wrecks,” Kate Baggaley, July 26, 2016


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