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Keeping carpools safe for students

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2016 | Car Accidents

Last week, we discussed safety issues regarding school buses. Of course, school buses are not the only transportation choice parents here in Houston have for getting their kids to and from school. One of the alternatives to sending one’s kids out on the school bus is forming a carpool with other parents. Such carpools can not only be used for school itself, but things like transportation to and from extra-curricular activities at school.

Now, just as traffic accidents can sometimes occur regarding school buses, they can also sometimes happen with carpooling vehicles. Numerous different details can have implications on accident cause and liability issues in carpool accidents. Traffic crash attorneys can investigate the details of a carpool accident for parents of children injured in the crash.

Among the things that can impact the likelihood of accidents and/or child injuries occurring in relation to a given parent carpool are how the driver of the carpooling vehicle acts when getting the kids into the vehicle and when driving. So, there are various rules parents participating in a carpool for transportation of the kids may want to set up in relation to the carpool to help keep their kids safe, including rules on:

  • Who is allowed to drive a carpool vehicle.
  • Carpool drivers making sure the kids are properly restrained (with the particular safety restraint system being used for each child being appropriate for their age and size) before starting a given carpool trip.
  • Carpool driver seatbelt use (to provide a good example for the kids).
  • What carpool drivers are allowed, and not allowed, to do behind the wheel.

In your opinion, what are the ideal set of rules for parent carpools for transporting kids to/from school and school activities?

Source: Consumer Reports, “Tips for safe carpooling,” Liza Barth, Aug. 22, 2015


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