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New school buses with added safety features come to Houston

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2016 | Bus Accidents

This upcoming school year, there will be some new school buses driving kids to and from schools here in the Houston area. The Houston Independent School District has brought 44 new buses into its fleet.

Among the things that make these new buses noteworthy are the special safety features they include. Among the safety upgrades that these new vehicles have are:

  • A crossing gate and two stop signs for when the buses stop to pick up or let off students.
  • Seven cameras, all with audio and video capacity.
  • Three-point safety belts for students.

One hopes these safety upgrades will help improve overall school bus safety for students in the area who travel via school bus.

As a note, these new buses only constitute a small portion of the city’s overall bus fleet, which numbers at well over 1,000 buses. Do you think the safety features the new buses have are ones that should be extended to more of the Houston-area school bus fleet in the future?

Another thing it is important to remember is that, while safety features on school buses can help, how safe kids are when they ride on school buses is largely dependent on how drivers act. This not only includes the conduct of school bus drivers, but the behavior of drivers who are in school zones and other areas where school buses travel. So, one hopes that, this school year, Houston school bus drivers and all drivers in the area do what they can to keep school buses and the roads safe for students. This includes staying attentive at the wheel, especially in school zones.

When a school bus accident occurs, skilled bus accident attorneys can help parents of students hurt in the crash with assessing the situation and their legal options for pursuing monetary relief to assist with getting their kids the care they need to rebound from their injuries.

Source: KHOU, “HISD unveiling new safety features on school buses,” Adam Bennett, Aug. 18, 2016


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