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Parking issues and downtown Houston

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2016 | Car Accidents

There are estimated to be over 70,000 parking spaces in downtown Houston, not including private garages. While this may seem like a big number, the demand for parking is often high in the downtown area. So, finding parking downtown can be tricky, particularly for those not very familiar with the area.

Difficulties with finding parking and the stress which can come with them sometimes lead to a driver falling to the temptation to engage in unsafe conduct, such as:

  • Taking reckless actions (such as violating traffic laws) to try to get an open spot.
  • Becoming distracted by the stress of the situation and not paying full attention to what is going on around their vehicle.
  • Taking their frustration out on others through angry driving.

Engaging in reckless, distracted or aggressive conduct when looking for a place to park could result in a driver hitting a pedestrian, a bicyclist, a parked vehicle or other moving vehicles. When a person is hurt by actions taken by a driver who was trying to find parking, skilled car accident attorneys can provide the hurt individual with an overview of their legal situation regarding compensation and explanations of the options that are before them.

As this discussion highlights, how easy it is to find parking in a given area is not just a logistics issue, but also has the potential to be a traffic safety issue. So, reducing the difficulty of finding parking in downtown Houston is a goal many may view to be of great importance.

A proposed pilot program aimed at making searches for parking in the downtown area easier for drivers is being considered by officials in Houston. The program would involve the city having a company monitor how many spots are available in certain parking garages in the city, then put this parking availability information on downtown-area electronic message signs, mobile apps and the Internet. The hope is that making this information readily available to motorists could help them better know what parking options are currently available.

One wonders if the City Council will ultimately approve and implement this proposed pilot program. Do you think such a program would help improve parking matters, generally, in the downtown area? What would you recommend for improving the parking situation downtown and in Houston generally?

Source: Houston Chronicle, “Officials considering new tactics to alleviate city parking woes,” Dug Begley, July 19, 2016


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