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When a commercial truck loses its load

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2016 | Truck Accidents

Among the things it is critical for truck companies and their drivers to do is ensure that the loads their trucks are carrying are properly secured. If they fail to, it could result in the load falling from a truck when the truck is out on the road, turning that load into dangerous road debris.

When objects fall from a commercial truck, or any other vehicle, out onto the road, the objects could create significant accidents by hitting other vehicles. Road debris is responsible for a great deal of harm out on U.S. roads; according to federal estimates, each year, such debris causes around 11,000 injuries and nearly 500 fatalities.

So, it can be an incredibly scary situation when a driver sees that a commercial truck in front of them has a loose load and that the load is about to fall out. What can a driver do in such a situation? Recommended steps include safely getting to another lane, braking in a careful manner to give themselves some distance from the vehicle with the loose load, and finding a safe place to pull over and contact authorities.

There are also certain steps a driver may want to take if they end up being hurt by a commercial truck losing its load. One is to contact a lawyer with skill and experience in personal injury matters regarding accidents that involved commercial trucks. Accidents in which commercial trucks played a role, whether they involved the truck colliding with another vehicle or came about through some other truck-related action, can raise unique and complicated issues when it comes to personal injury cases. When facing such issues, the right legal guidance can be a key thing for a victim of a truck-related accident to have.

Source: Click2Houston, “How to prevent, avoid deadly road debris,” Bill Spencer, Aug. 8, 2016


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