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Month: September 2016

Will New Tech Save Older Drivers?

Technology is moving at a fast pace in all areas of the American lifestyle, but one of the most prominent places tech is taking over is in the auto industry. With Tesla and Google at the forefront of self-driving cars and specialized motion alerts guiding a driver of...

When traffic deaths began to rise

Cars are getting safer, but traffic deaths have been going up in many areas. For example, in the first half of 2014, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that 15,014 people passed away. In the same period of time the next year, they projected...

6 students injured after reckless driving

Seven high school students were involved in a two-car accident that put six of them in the hospital. The seventh was able to leave the crash scene in the custody of his or her parents. The other six were taken by emergency crews to Texas Harris Methodist...

The truck weight debate in Texas

Truck regulations can have an impact on a great many things, from traffic safety to the economy. So, trucking regulations sometimes become the focus of heated debate. Such a debate has come up here in Texas regarding regulations on truck weight.The general cap for...


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