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Distracted driving: A source of frustration and harm

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2016 | Car Accidents

Distracted driving can be a remarkably alarming thing to witness when out on the roads. Individuals vary quite a bit in how they react to seeing such conduct. As a news article recently reported, one pair of carpoolers here in the Houston area has gone the route of using signs.

Specifically, the two women, who have been carpooling together for around a decade, have 8 by 10 signs that they display when they see drivers do unsafe things like driving while distracted. Their hope is that the messages on the signs will get the drivers to stop their unsafe behavior.

Now, the views and reactions individuals have had regarding these signs are mixed. So, whether this illustrates a “good” response to distracted driving is a matter for debate. What this story does firmly illustrate is how frustrated individuals can feel when they witness distracted driving or other unsafe driving.

What do you think of the two women’s tactic for combating distracted driving? What would you recommend for responding to the frustrating situation of seeing other drivers disregarding traffic safety?

Of course, distracted driving can cause far more than frustration. Major accidents can result from such conduct.

There are various frustrating things individuals harmed by such crashes could encounter following their accident. For one, they could encounter difficulties in getting fairly compensated. One example of such a difficulty is being low-balled by an insurance company when it comes to a settlement offer. Experienced personal injury attorneys can help distracted driving crash victims navigate problems or challenges they encounter in their compensation-seeking efforts.


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