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Is There Room For Bicycles And Cars In Houston?

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2016 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury

The battle between bicycles and cars is all too familiar to Houston residents, and it has taken a serious toll. According to an article in the Houston Press, almost 1,700 accidents involving bicyclist and automobiles have occurred since 2013. However, thanks to persistent outcry and continual demand for the city to do something about this safety issue, a solution may have been found.

Houston Reveals Plan To Solve Problem

The city hopes and believes the Houston Bike Plan will solve the problem. This is a planned update to the cycling infrastructure (or lack thereof), throughout Houston. The Plan will add a reported 1,700 additional miles of trail and bike lanes across the city.

It just seems hard to imagine that in a city as beautiful, acclaimed and successful as Houston, there couldn’t be a way to find room for both cyclist and drivers. The last update to biking paths, trails and lanes was in the early 1990’s according to the Houston Press. This long awaited response should greatly reduce vehicle-cyclist accidents, as the lack of room for cyclist is commonly the reported cause for these crashes.

Not An Overnight Fix

Even with this new plan for cyclist, the program is going to take years to complete. This doesn’t excuse unaware and negligent drivers, and the addition of the plan doesn’t mean there still won’t be accidents involving cyclists and vehicles either. For those who have had the unfortunate experience, or are currently going through a similar incident, there is help and justice.

There is room for both bicycles and cars, and if injury is the result of someone failing to recognize that, then an experienced attorney should be consulted. Although the streets and sidewalks of Houston are crowded and this plan will improve this congestion, it doesn’t entitle anyone to injure or harm someone else. When that happens, the victim may pursue compensation through a personal injury claim. At the law offices of B.L. Jensen, we help injured bike riders.


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