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Texas rollover accident results in multiple deaths and injuries

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2016 | Vehicle Rollovers

A recent rollover accident here in Texas cost multiple people their lives.

The accident happened on Tuesday in San Antonio. Reportedly, early that day, an SUV rolled after leaving the roadway and making contact with a center cable barrier.

Three adults and four children were aboard this SUV. Authorities believe no child safety seats or safety belts were in use. It is thought by authorities that all but one of these individuals was thrown from the vehicle in the crash.

Two of the children and one of the adults were killed. The other four individuals suffered critical injuries and were transported to hospitals.

One wonders what police will ultimately conclude regarding what caused this SUV crash.

This accident underscores how devastating it can end up being when a vehicle rolls.

In addition to having the potential to have major impacts on many people and families, rollover accidents can also be very complicated crashes when it comes to cause. Many different factors, from road conditions, to how the driver of the vehicle that rolled acted, to how other motorists acted, to structural and mechanical aspects of the rolled vehicle, could be potential contributors to such accidents and how much in harm they end up causing.

When a person is hurt in a rollover accident or had a family member who was killed in such a crash, it can be important for them to know how what specific factors were behind the accident impact what legal options they have. Skilled personal injury attorneys can provide such individuals with assessments of these kinds of matters.

Source: KTXS, “3 killed, 4 injured in Texas rollover crash,” Sept. 6, 2016


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