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The truck weight debate in Texas

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2016 | Truck Accidents

Truck regulations can have an impact on a great many things, from traffic safety to the economy. So, trucking regulations sometimes become the focus of heated debate. Such a debate has come up here in Texas regarding regulations on truck weight.

The general cap for truck weight that Texas regulations currently set is 80,000 pounds. The maximum is extended to 84,000 pounds for trucks that receive a special permit. Proposals have been put out there for changing the regulations to allow for heavier trucks. It is possible that such proposals could be considered in Texas’s next legislative session, which starts in January.

There is a great deal of debate over whether making changes to the state’s truck weight regulations would be a good idea.

Opponents of changing the regulations say increasing weight limits could raise traffic levels, increase the physical burden put on the state’s roads and pose increased safety risks.

Meanwhile, proponents of upping truck weight limits argue that heavier trucks, when they have the right equipment, don’t pose increased safety risks and could actually put less of a physical toll on the roads. They also claim that the current regulations push both congestion and shipping costs up.

If this debate does end up entering the legislative stage next year, one wonders which side will win out and what impacts the outcome will ultimately have on traffic safety here in Texas.

Truck regulations cannot only be a big issue in legislative debates; they can also play a big role in compensation cases regarding truck accidents. For one, whether or not a given truck regulation was violated can sometimes be a central issue in such cases. Skilled lawyers can assist truck accident victims in Texas with personal injury claims involving allegations that a truck company didn’t follow applicable state regulations.

Source: JOC, “Texas legislators to consider higher truck weights,” Joseph Bonney, Sept 23, 2016


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