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Truck explosion occurs in Texas

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2016 | Truck Accidents

Among the things that could be factors in a truck accident and its aftermath are what the truck was carrying and how the cargo was handled. There are certain types of cargo that could have special safety risks.

So, it is important for trucking companies to be aware of any special safety risks associated with the cargo their trucks carry and to properly factor-in these risks when it comes to the loading, unloading and handling of the cargo. It is also important for the makers of products that are being shipped by trucks to ensure their products don’t contain any defects or problems that could pose major and unexpected safety hazards when the products are being transported.

A truck’s cargo has become a major point of focus in a fatal incident involving a large truck that recently happened in Texas.

Reportedly, on August 22, a truck crashed in the town of Quemado and then exploded. One person died and multiple people were injured in this incident.

The truck that exploded was hauling Takata air bag components, including propellants and inflators. According to the truck’s driver, the components were being transported to a Takata warehouse.

Federal investigators have been looking into the explosion. Among their initials conclusions are that the air bag components were properly packaged.

Meanwhile, a lawsuit has been brought against Takata over the explosion. The lawsuit is being brought by one of the individuals hurt in the incident, the truck’s driver.

It will be interesting to see what the lawsuit and the investigation of the explosion reveal and result in. One wonders what will ultimately be found regarding what specifically led to the explosion and the role the above-mentioned air bag components played in it.

Source: Houston Press, “Troubled Airbag Company Sued over Texas Truck Explosion,” Craig Malisow, Sept. 2, 2016


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