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Man run over by truck and killed in Houston

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2016 | Truck Accidents

A homeless man in Houston was recently run over by a tanker truck. He passed away after the accident.

Photos from the scene show the truck, at least six police cars and an ambulance all parked under a bridge. The police cars have their lights on and have stopped traffic.

The incident apparently happened right around 3:25 p.m., on a recent Wednesday. Witnesses said that the truck involved was being driven for Texas Outhouse, and the driver had finished cleaning up a port-o-potty. As he went to leave the job site, he hit the 49-year-old man.

A witness said that she had been seeing the man all day long, and he’d been lying down in that area. A reporter noted that he may have put together a number of cardboard boxes to use as a mattress.

The witness also noted that she watched the accident happen — calling it a freak accident — and that she didn’t think the truck driver knew he’d hit the man at first. She said she had to go over and stop the truck to tell him what had happened.

The police have not yet filed any charges in this case, but they did interview the driver.

An investigation is also being carried out, portions of which can be seen in videos from the crash site. The white tanker truck is still parked there in the video clips, surrounded with police tape and officers are walking around in the street and a sandy area nearly, gathering information.

When someone dies in an accident, it’s important for surviving family members to know what rights they may have to compensation, if they believe it was a wrongful death. This is true no matter what comes of the criminal charges, or the lack thereof.

Source: ABC, “One killed in auto-pedestrian accident in downtown Houston,” accessed Oct. 10, 2016


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