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Safe operating tips to reduce SUV accidents in Texas

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2016 | SUV Accidents

A sport utility vehicle is one of the most popular automobiles in the Houston area. These vehicles feel like a family car while also providing owners with the capability to haul cargo. Many of them also feature four-wheel drive, enabling operators to traverse different types of terrain. There is little doubt that many consumers are attracted to SUVs, but widespread reports of serious SUV accidents have started to make a difference in their popularity.

As you might expect, the manufacturers of these automobiles are working to make SUVs safer. However, operator error may also play a role in the SUV accidents reported in the media. One automotive engineer cautions drivers about the different handling characteristics associated with driving SUVs. He added that those who drive these kinds of automobiles should never be overconfident behind the wheel.

In the interests of promoting safe driving and helping reduce SUV accidents in Texas, below are a few tips for handling SUVs safely.

— Practice driving: Before taking to the road, get to know your SUV’s characteristics in a safe location.

— Brake carefully: Some SUVs may require more braking distance than ordinary vehicles.

— Maintain properly: As with all automobiles, proper maintenance can go a long way towards helping you avoid SUV accidents.

— Do not overload: Too much weight in cargo or even passengers can cause accidents and contribute to wear and tear.

— Steer safely: An SUV does not steer the same as a car and does not handle sharp, fast turns or steering changes very well.

By doing your part to promote safe driving, you are playing a vital role in keeping the roadways of Texas safe and reducing the volume of injury accidents for all citizens.

Source: Bankrate, “10 tips for SUV safety,” Prakash Gandhi, accessed Oct. 17, 2016


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