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Driver runs from police, causes a deadly accident

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2016 | Car Accidents

At 3:00 p.m., police in Texas spotted a 20-year-old man who was driving rather erratically. Thinking that he might be under the influence, they tried to pull him over.

The man decided to make a run for it, speeding away from the police. After a short chase, his vehicle went out of control.

At the same time, a 52-year-old man was simply pulling out of his own driveway in his pickup truck. As he neared the highway, the first pickup came speeding along and slammed into his truck.

The driver of that second truck passed away at the scene. According to reports, responding officers tried to help him and arrest the man who’d hit him at the same time, but it quickly became clear that they weren’t going to be able to save his life. He was stuck in his vehicle.

The 20-year-old wasn’t done yet, still trying to run away from the deadly crash, but police were able to catch him. They don’t have the toxicology reports back yet, but they say they do think he was under the influence. The reports will tell for sure. He is facing intoxication manslaughter charges.

Neighbors say that the older man was very nice and that they greeted one another every day. They called him a good man. One woman, who was working close enough to hear the accident and then went outside to see it, said she hugged her own loved ones when thinking how his family would never see him again.

Deadly crashes like this can be traumatic for family members who are left behind. Though financial compensation can’t take away that grief, it can help deal with the costs and the financial impact of losing a family member, and they need to know what legal options they have.

Source: Click 2 Houston, “Driver accused of causing chase, fatal crash in Baytown identified,” Keith Garvin, Nov. 18, 2016


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