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People may always take risks behind the wheel

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2016 | SUV Accidents

Risky behavior can lead to accidents. Driving too fast in the fog or the dark, for example, can put people at risk. Trying to pass when there’s just barely enough room to do so is riskier than just driving behind the slower car and waiting.

Experts have noted that people have an inner drive that leads them to take risks, even if they’re not wise. It may seem like humanity would have developed in a way that would lead them away from risky behavior, thus increasing the likelihood of survival. However, that has not entirely happened. These experts speculate on various reasons, such as attempting to attract a mate or proving oneself socially.

This can translate into daily driving behavior. Early cars did not have airbags, for instance. They were created as a way to reduce traffic deaths.

This worked, but the projections missed the mark. Fatal accidents did not fall to the level that was anticipated. One expert studied the situation and noted that highway speeds increased.

Essentially, people felt safe enough driving at a certain speed without airbags. Knowing they were safer with airbags, they felt comfortable driving faster, keep the same amount of risk in their lives — rather than driving at slower speeds and seeing the risk level really drop. This suggests risky driving may never fully be eliminated.

The psychology behind risky behavior is complex and fascinating. However, If you’re injured in an SUV accident caused by a driver who was engaging in risky or even reckless behavior, you may have a right to financial compensation.

Source: Live Science, “Why Do People Take Risks?,” Natalie Wolchover, accessed Nov. 23, 2016


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