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Texas doctor linked to 8 drug deaths, wrongful death suit filed

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2016 | Wrongful Death

A physician who once operated out of McKinney, Texas, has been named in a wrongful death lawsuit involving the fatal overdose of a 54-year-old male patient. Reportedly, the indictment states that Dr. Randall Wade is specifically responsible for the death of Lowell Haynes. As of last Thursday, Dr. Wade has also been linked to seven additional patient deaths.

According to Lowell Haynes’ mother, her son became addicted to painkillers after a car accident. When he heard about Dr. Wade’s generous approach to writing narcotic prescriptions, Haynes began seeing the doctor. He died of a drug overdose in his family’s home in April, 2015.

Chain pharmacies in the McKinney area were also aware of Dr. Wade’s over-prescribing habits. One pharmacy technician described how patients would come to these pharmacies to have prescriptions written by Dr. Wade filled. She explained that these prescriptions were unusual because they were for large quantities of high-powered narcotics. After chain pharmacies began refusing to fill Dr. Wade’s prescriptions, his patients then turned to small, privately-owned pharmacies.

Reportedly, some pharmacies began reporting Dr. Wade’s prescribing habits to the Texas Department of Public Safety, but nothing ever seemed to come of it. A DEA agent has contributed to the Wade controversy by testifying in court that the doctor was the “No. 1 prescriber of hydrocodone in Collin County in 2015.”

For many years now, public awareness regarding the dangers of narcotic abuse has grown. Physicians are supposed to be more aware of these dangers than the rest of the population. When a doctor exhibits gross negligence by over-prescribing or contributing to a patient’s addiction and eventual death, families have a right to take legal action. Pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit is one of the most powerful tools the bereaved can use to find a legal remedy.

Source: WFAA8, ABC, “McKinney doctor connected to two more deaths; 8 total,” Tanya Eiserer, Nov. 11, 2016


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