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Vehicle rollovers: Physics vs. faulty products and manufacturing

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2016 | Vehicle Rollovers

Despite decades of research and study, vehicle rollovers remain one of the largest contributors of injury and death in motor vehicle accidents. There has been much scientific exploration about the reasons this type of automobile accident occurs. While researchers do appear to understand the physics of rollovers, manufacturers continue to be stymied when it comes to reducing the risk of vehicle rollovers in the manufacturing and assembly stages of production.

According to, vehicle rollovers happen for a variety of reasons including:

— Alcohol impairment: Data indicates that almost half of all rollover accidents resulting in death involve alcohol.

— Speeding: Approximately 40 percent of all fatal rollover accidents occur at a high rate of speed.

— Location: Because many do not contain barriers and other safety features, rural roads are often the scene of vehicle rollovers resulting in death.

— Routine driving: Government sources say that over 90 percent of drivers involved in fatal, single-vehicle rollover crashes were simply driving at the time of the accident.

One factor that seems to be missing from the above data is product defects. Faulty or defective products do play a significant role in vehicle rollover accidents. Defective manufacturing, improper design and failure to warn consumers via labeling about the dangers of rollovers may also be contributing factors in this kind of accident.

The point we hope to make is that it is often unwise to assume a vehicle rollover simply happened. A proper investigation into possible manufacturing defects such as an improper-center-of-gravity or product defects like tire or braking system faults could uncover liability factors.

During our time serving residents in the Houston, Texas, area, we have seen too many tragic vehicle rollovers that could have been prevented. We hope to educate our neighbors about these accidents and invite you to look over the information available on our website.


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