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What weight and size limits exist for commercial trucks in Texas?

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2016 | Truck Accidents

As you probably already know, any number of factors can lead to a truck accident in the Houston area. Fatigue and drowsiness on the part of the truck driver are just two of these factors. Driver distraction and drug use are two more factors that can lead to disaster.

Violations of the Texas regulations regarding the weight of a commercial truck’s cargo can also be a factor in truck accidents. Load limits exist to ensure these large vehicles remain as safe as possible for all who share Texas roads. When trucking companies comply with these regulations, it goes a long way toward reducing the volume of truck accidents in the state.

Below are the current weight laws in place for the loads on commercial vehicles. These limits also include the weight of the truck itself in addition to its cargo.

— Single-axle trucks are limited to 25,000 pounds or less

— Two-axle (tandem) trucks are limited to 46,000 pounds or less

— Three-axle (tridem) trucks are limited to 60,000 pounds or less

— Four-axle (quadrem) trucks are limited to 70,000 pounds or less

— Five-axle (quint) trucks are limited to 81,400 pounds or less

Additionally, the spacing of a truck’s axles plays a role in how much weight the truck is permitted to carry. For example, axle groups must “have a minimum spacing of four feet between axles within the group.”

When trucking companies violate these weight restrictions, it puts everyone sharing the road at risk of being involved in a truck accident. This is why it is never a waste of time to make sure your truck accident has been fully investigated. A personal injury attorney can provide valuable assistance in determining who is at fault for truck accidents.

Source: Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, “Texas Size and Weight Limits,” accessed Nov. 14, 2016


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