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Month: December 2016

6 steps to take after a car accident

Car accidents are stressful, scary events in the lives of millions of people across the country each year. No matter the severity; car accidents can cause a lot of pain, suffering, loss of income and more. There are six important steps you must take following a car...

How to avoid rollover accidents

Not all vehicles are the same, especially when you go from driving a sedan to an SUV or truck. Larger vehicles have a higher likelihood to rollover if the driver does not operate the vehicle safely. This is noted on all visors in the front of the vehicles and in the...

Are SUVs safer than sedans?

Any vehicle can be relatively safe, and vehicles have been getting safer over the years. Even small sedans and coupes can get excellent crash test ratings and protect the occupants.That being said, on a very basic level, you're still safer to be in an SUV than a...

Teen drivers and motor vehicle accidents

One of the rites of passage to becoming an adult is getting your driver's license. For parents, it can be a frightening time, as they sit in the passenger seat, white-knuckled, while their teenager learns to safely operate the family car.Parents have a right to worry....

A change in truck safety policy

The trucking industry was successful in blocking the implementation of new safety rules aimed at combating drowsy driving. The American Trucking Associations further indicated that are planning to push Congress to stop the states from passing laws regulating truck...


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