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Month: January 2017

How to prevent Houston vehicle rollovers

Vehicle rollovers are some of the scariest types of accidents on the roads of Houston, Texas. According to statistics, they are not as common as most people think. This type of crash accounts for just 3 percent of all serious crashes, but it accounts for 30 percent of...

2 SUVs collide, injuring 6 and killing one

A car accident in Houston recently involved a pair of SUVs, one of which was a Toyota RAV4. The make and model of the other SUV were not released, but pictures show that it's a dark-colored, full-size vehicle.It's that vehicle that allegedly caused the accident as it...

How can pressure sores lead to death?

How does a simple sore spot, caused by the pressure of a patient's own body against the bed he or she is in or some other object, end up resulting in death?Unfortunately, it's fairly easy for a small pressure sore, also known as bedsore or pressure ulcer, to rapidly...

Truck safety and medical conditions

Many people would be horrified to have to share their medical conditions with the public. The reality is, however, that some professions are not compatible with certain medical problems. Truck drivers face medical restrictions because the consequences of a blackout or...


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