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2 SUVs collide, injuring 6 and killing one

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2017 | SUV Accidents

A car accident in Houston recently involved a pair of SUVs, one of which was a Toyota RAV4. The make and model of the other SUV were not released, but pictures show that it’s a dark-colored, full-size vehicle.

It’s that vehicle that allegedly caused the accident as it was coming down the feeder road for I-45 North. Police say that the driver pulled off of the feeder road and into the grass running between it and the main highway. The driver then traveled across the grass and attempted to merge onto the interstate.

As he did, the SUV rammed into the Toyota’s side, sending both vehicles careening out of control. One SUV stopped on the feeder, while the other stopped against the nearby retainer wall.

Seven young women, either in their 20s or their teens, were packed into the Toyota. Six of them were taken to area hospitals, and one of them was killed in the crash. The driver of the SUV that came down the feeder road was also hurt, though his condition was stable.

The cause of the accident was originally unknown, but police now say they believe the driver was under the influence. They’re planning to charge him with Intoxication Assault and Intoxication Manslaughter.

The accident happened at 1:30 in the morning, and it closed the road down for hours.

Deadly SUV accidents can happen in seconds, often due to factors drivers can never anticipate or avoid. In the wake of such a tragic accident, it’s important for the families of those who are killed — or others who are injured — to know their rights to compensation.

Source: KHOU, “Young woman killed, 6 others injured in car crash on I-45N,” Jan. 14, 2017


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