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How to prevent Houston vehicle rollovers

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2017 | Vehicle Rollovers

Vehicle rollovers are some of the scariest types of accidents on the roads of Houston, Texas. According to statistics, they are not as common as most people think. This type of crash accounts for just 3 percent of all serious crashes, but it accounts for 30 percent of people killed riding in passenger vehicles.

Vehicle rollovers are preventable, and one of the first measures is driving a newer vehicle. The newest vehicles on the market have the latest safety advancements and have some of the lowest turnover rates, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Check the tires on your vehicle regularly. It doesn’t have to be each day before you hit the road, but it should be at least once per month. If the low tire pressure warning light comes on in your car, be sure to put air in all affected tires. Driving a vehicle that has tires with low air pressure will only lead to accidents. Should you need to replace any tires, try to replace them with tires as close to the original ones that came with the vehicle.

Slow down. Speed is a factor in almost every accident, especially vehicle rollovers. Government statistics show that 40 percent of fatal rollover accidents occurred because of excessive speed.

The stability of a vehicle is put at risk when a load it is carrying is too heavy or too big. This is especially true for pickup trucks and SUVs. When loading a vehicle, be sure to stay within the load specifications set forth by the vehicle manufacturer. Do your best to place the heaviest part of the load on the floor of the vehicle and as close to the center as possible. This will help prevent the vehicle from rolling over when making tight or sharp turns.

Never take corners or turns at high rates of speed. The notion has always been to slow down into a curve and accelerate coming out of a curve. Abide by this rule.

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