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SUV slams into bus stop, hospitalizing 7 people

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2017 | SUV Accidents

Seven people are in the hospital after a Nissan Xterra ran into a bus stop in Houston.

According to an officer with the Houston Police Department, the wreck happened right around 10 at night, on Monday, Jan. 2. They claim the SUV was moving at a “high rate of speed” and that it went out of control while heading east on Richmond. It left the road, ran through the bus stop — where two people were waiting for the bus — and stopped when it smashed into a traffic control box.

The two waiting at the stop suffered from serious injuries, according to police. All five of the other injured individuals were inside the Xterra. The details on their injuries are slim, but police also said some of them were seriously hurt.

The investigation is on-going. Right now, all the police have noted as a factor is excessive speed, but more details will come out as they sort through everything. They did note that the people in the SUV may have been at a nearby gas station. Just a few moments before the crash, there was some sort of disturbance at that station. The police did not say what the disturbance was, but one officer noted that they might have been involved and that they could have been quickly leaving the scene when the vehicle went out of control.

This story shows just how quickly and unexpectedly people can be injured in car accidents. In a split second, life changed forever for those waiting for the bus. If you’re hurt by a negligent, reckless driver, it may be time to look into your financial compensation options.

Source: Chron, “Crash at bus stop sends 7 to hospital in SW Houston,” Dale Lezon, Jan. 03, 2017


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