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Common causes of Houston SUV rollovers

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2017 | SUV Accidents

Sport utility vehicles are some of the most popular automobiles on the roads of Houston, Texas, today. They are popular for various reasons including ability to handle inclement weather, seating capability and storage. But, they are also dangerous if not driven properly. SUV rollovers are scary accidents and here are some common causes.

Excessive speed is a common cause of SUV rollovers. SUVs are taller and narrower compared to other cars, which is why they have a higher risk of rolling over. Even when speeds are posted at 55 miles per hour, SUVs can rollover if the driver does not properly handle the road.

Speed comes into play when a vehicle enters a curve going too fast. An SUV is more likely to rollover when speeding into a curve. When the driver takes care to reduce speed heading into a curve, the SUV will likely be able to keep all four wheels on the pavement and prevent a rollover.

Drivers who operate an SUV while impaired are more in danger of suffering an SUV rollover accident than those who are not impaired. Alcohol and drugs impair a driver’s ability to read the road and understand what needs to be done to stay safe.

Swerving while driving an SUV can also cause a rollover accident. Inexperienced drivers behind the wheel of an SUV will tend to swerve to avoid dangers, which can then lead to over-correcting afterwards and possibly a rollover.

Inclement weather is another common cause of SUV rollover accidents. On the rare occasion Houston sees snow, this can be dangerous to drivers who don’t know how to operate the vehicle in the snow or ice. Rain, high winds and other weather issues can cause an SUV to be involved in a rollover accident.

Driving an SUV is much different from driving a car. It has a higher center of gravity and is much more susceptible to rolling over. To learn more about SUV accidents and how to avoid them in Houston, Texas, please read over our web pages on the topic.


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