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Teen hit by car mirror airlifted to Houston

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2017 | Car Accidents

Regardless of speed, pedestrian accidents can be very severe, due to the complete lack of protection that pedestrians typically have. An accident that would have merely been a fender-bender if two cars were involved could lead to life-long injuries and, in the worst cases, the death of the pedestrian.

In Port Arthur, residents were given a grim reminder of just how serious these crashes could be. A 13-year-old pedestrian was trying to go across Memorial Blvd, according to police reports. A car heading south on Memorial struck him as he crossed. The boy was not even directly hit by the vehicle, but was just clipped by the car’s mirror as it went by.

Emergency crews responded and the injuries were severe enough that they called for the boy to be airlifted. He was picked up and taken to a hospital in Houston.

The Port Arthur Police Department said that the crash happened right around three in the afternoon. They also noted that it was in the 3900 block of Memorial. They have not made any arrests at this time, but the criminal investigation division is looking into the crash.

It is worth noting that the emergency crews said the boy was both conscious and alert as he was picked up by the helicopter. News reports did not list his official condition, though, just saying that he was taken to Texas Children’s Hospital.

Every parent dreads having a child injured in a car accident. When it happens, it’s important for parents to know all of their legal options. Even when medical crews are able to help save the child’s life, the cost of care, an airlift, and other services can be more than many families can afford.

Source: 12 News Now, “Teen airlifted to Houston after being struck by car in Port Arthur,” Feb. 02, 2017


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