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What factors increase survival rates in car accidents?

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2017 | Car Accidents

Millions of car accidents happen every year, and around 30,000 people are killed in these incidents annually. What you may be wondering is what factors help those who live through the crashes to survive, while conversely making it more likely for others to pass away.

According to one study, some of the factors are out of your control. For example, in a head-on crash, women are statistically more likely to pass away, while men have a better chance of living through the wreck.

Other factors are easy to control, and they involve vehicle inequity in accidents. Some vehicles are higher and more powerful, meaning people driving them are more likely to live, while those in smaller vehicles are more likely to be killed.

For instance, a study found that those in cars were a full 17 times more likely to be killed than drivers of pickup trucks. In sedans and coupes, people were about 9 times as likely to die when compared to drivers in SUVs.

Essentially, driving a bigger vehicle increases the odds of survival. When SUVs and pickups hit sedans, it’s the drivers and passengers in the sedans who are in the greatest danger.

One final factor that is very interesting is that young people crash far more, but they’re also more likely to live. Drivers between 15 and 24 account for 21 percent of head-on crashes, more than any other group, but the death rate is 39 percent, which is the lowest.

Have you been injured in an accident, or have you lost a loved one? It’s important not only to understand the risk factors, but also to know what legal steps you can take to seek compensation after the fact.

Source: Indiana University, “Car crash survival rates increase with being younger, male and driving a big vehicle,” Richard Schneider, accessed Feb. 17, 2017


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