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3 major impacts a personal injury has on your life

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2017 | Personal Injury

A personal injury affects more than just your physical body. You suffer emotional strain and might have to struggle with your job or social obligations. A personal injury affects almost all aspects of your life. Here are three ways that a personal injury may affect you and some ideas on how to get through those trials.

1. Your appearance is altered

If you suffered a particularly nasty car accident, you may have burns, cuts, scarring and other wounds that change your physical appearance. You may have amputated limbs or now require a wheelchair or cane. These drastic changes make a huge difference in your energy levels, how others perceive you and your quality of life. Getting a settlement or payout that helps you obtain the best prosthetics, surgeries or other treatments can help your physical appearance improve and give you the tools you need to live as close to normally as possible.

2. Your income disappears

When you suffer a serious injury, your income suffers, or disappears. You can’t work, because you’re too badly injured. Even if you could work, you may no longer have the ability to perform the same duties as before. For this reason, your attorney fights for lost wage compensation as well as additional compensation for wages you miss out on due to your new injuries and disabilities.

3. Your relationships struggle

Your relationships range from those between you and your spouse, your family, your friends and interactions with coworkers or employers. When you get into an accident, it puts a strain on every relationship. You can begin to feel like a burden because things you once handled alone now require assistance.

For a spouse, that might mean missing work to take you to appointments. For family, your mother or father may fear for your conditions or struggle to live with your disabilities. Friends may not see you as often, since your time is busy with medical appointments. Coworkers and your employer may not reach out to you, and if they do, you may find the relationship isn’t the same, since you’re not able to participate in work the way you used to.

Each of these changes in your life is a direct result of injuries you suffered due to another person’s negligence. It’s important that you have the chance for compensation that gives you your life back. You deserve compensation for your medical costs, lost wages and pain and suffering. You’ve been through enough without having to worry about missing work or struggling to afford the medical care you need.


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