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Elderly church members involved in bus accident with 13 dead

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2017 | Bus Accidents

More than a dozen people were killed in a bus accident on the way back from a senior retreat. The 13 people were elderly members of the First Baptist Church of New Braunfels, and they’d spent time at the Alto Frio Baptist Camp and Conference Center before heading home at the conclusion of the retreat.

There were around 65 people there, and most of them drove themselves. However, a number of elderly individuals needed a ride, so they’d brought a small bus. They had about 130 miles to go, and 14 people climbed into that bus.

As they were going south on U.S. 83, a 2007 Dodge “dually” pickup truck drove over the center line and into oncoming traffic, according to authorities. It slammed directly into the bus right around 12:23 p.m., killing 12 passengers and the driver.

The one person who lived through the crash was in critical condition and had to be airlifted to San Antonio Military Medical Center. Meanwhile, the driver of the truck that allegedly caused the wreck wound up at University Hospital, where police said his condition was stable. He did not have any passengers with him.

The cause of the wreck is unknown, though some noted that there are many curves and bends in that part of the road, even though the speed limit is 65. Police are still investigating to find out why the truck crossed the line.

A tragic accident like this leaves many families with medical bills, funeral expenses, and other unexpected costs. Though compensation may not ease the emotional pain of losing a loved one, it may help cover these costs and it’s important for the families to know their options.

Source: Houston Chronicle, “Church mourns 13 dead in Hill Country bus crash,” Roy Bragg and Zeke MacCormack, March 29, 2017


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