A Texas police sergeant responded when reports came in that a car had run into a wooden pole. The accident happened right around one in the morning. The officer drove to the scene and was helping to manage traffic to make sure there were no follow-up accidents.

While he was on the scene, the officer got into his SUV. His vehicle was then hit by a van, which slammed into the front of the police vehicle, destroying it and crumpling the front portion in on the passenger’s side.

The sergeant was quickly rushed to the hospital. Reports do indicate that his condition was stable at the medical center, though it was also considered critical. His injuries were very severe.

The man driving the van didn’t get hurt in the wreck. However, he was arrested by other officers, who claim he was intoxicated behind the wheel. As of the most recent reports, he is still waited for charges to officially be handed down.

Pictures from the crash site show the mangled police car. The passenger side door on the front is caved in, the lights are smashed up at the wrong angle, and the front panel is destroyed around the tire. That tire is completely missing, apparently sheered off in the accident. Though there are other emergency vehicles around, the flashing lights on the ruined SUV are off.

Significant injuries that put people in critical condition can result in extensive medical bills for the days and perhaps weeks of intensive care that are needed. Even after that, costs could skyrocket due to the need for painkillers and medications, secondary procedures, rehabilitation, and much more. It’s very important for those facing such high bills to know if they have a right to compensation.

Source: Click 2 Houston, “Police sergeant recovering in hospital after accident in west Houston, officials say,” Feb. 26, 2017