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Injuries stemming from vehicle rollovers in Texas

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2017 | Vehicle Rollovers

Vehicle rollovers are the most dangerous type of accident in the state of Texas. The sheer force of a vehicle rolling multiple times before it comes to a stop can cause significant injuries, trauma and even death to those in the vehicle and those hit by the vehicle outside of it. Vehicle rollovers tend to happen at a high rate of speed and usually involve more than one car or truck.

Head trauma is the most common injury suffered by victims of vehicle rollover accidents. The victim’s body, even if properly restrained with a seat belt, will be thrown back and forth in the car as it rolls. This can lead to the head being slammed against the window, windshield, steering wheel, dashboard and into others in the car.

Loss of limb is another injury stemming from vehicle rollovers. This happens when the driver or passenger has their window down when the accident occurs. As the vehicle rolls, the victim’s arm hangs out the window and could be ripped off by the vehicle landing on it or by the vehicle hitting another object.

Injuries to the spinal cord, including paralysis, are common in vehicle rollover accidents. The body is violently thrown about the vehicle during this type of crash, which could lead to broken bones or vertebrae in the spine.

Broken bones in the arms, legs, hands and feet are also common. This is especially true if the victim is ejected from the vehicle during the rollover incident. Broken bones can be severe enough that they require surgery to repair them.

Vehicle rollover accidents can be so tragic that they take the lives of drivers and passengers. The blunt force of the vehicle slamming repeatedly on the ground or onto another vehicle can crush anyone inside. Vehicle rollover accidents can also claim the lives of pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists.

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