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Party buses turn a blind eye to underage and excessive drinking

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2017 | Bus Accidents

In theory, hiring a party bus to get a bunch of drunk college students back and forth from a multi-fraternity party sounds like a good idea.

However, when the party bus company has an “anything goes” attitude toward underage drinkers and the overly inebriated, accidents are likely to happen. Similarly, when the venue for the party is understaffed, has little security, allows underage drinking and essentially encouraged the whole atmosphere, it’s no wonder that an accident happened.

In the most recent case to hit the news, a Texas State student was dragged to death by a bus after she somehow got trapped underneath. Officials believe that the college Freshman may have been hit by the bus as it was leaving the Halloween party being held by several fraternities at Cool River Ranch.

As a result, her father has filed a $10 million lawsuit against the bus company, its management officer, the fraternities that hosted the party, the driver of the bus, and the owners of the venue for letting a student party with underage drinking go wildly unchecked, creating a situation that was most likely to result in some kind of tragedy. He contends that their individual and combined negligence led to his daughter’s death. In all, 14 people or businesses are named as defendants in the lawsuit.

While that might seem like a lot, it’s often difficult to determine exactly who is responsible for a tragedy involving a party bus. No one is likely to step forward and admit to full liability, so it isn’t unusual for lawsuits against bus companies to include multiple defendants. It will be up to experts and the jury to ultimately decide who was responsible for what share of the tragedy.

Too many party buses sell their services as if they were nothing more than a nightclub on wheels, complete with stripper pools and black lights. Many have a poor record for safety, especially when it comes to keeping guests from becoming too inebriated or making sure that someone doesn’t fall behind the wheels. If someone you love was killed due to an accident on or with a party bus, talk to an attorney today.

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