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Vehicle rollover accident investigations in Texas

On Behalf of | May 20, 2017 | Vehicle Rollovers

According to data from the National Accident Sampling System (NASS), rollover accidents typically involve just one vehicle. That lone vehicle usually loses control trying to negotiate a curve or turn at a high rate of speed, or higher than posted, and rolls over off the side of the road. Vehicle rollovers can be very complex when it comes down to the investigation.

The most important aspect of the vehicle rollover accident investigation is to record all evidence found at the scene as soon as possible. As with all physical evidence, it can disappear at a moment’s notice. Damage to the vehicle involved must be documented so it can be matched to the evidence found at the crash scene.

Since almost every vehicle rollover involves some type of tripping mechanism, this must be documented by investigators. Tripping mechanisms can include guardrails, curbs, soft ground and other debris in the roadway.

Should an occupant or multiple occupants be ejected from the vehicle as a result of the rollover, a host of evidence must be documented at the scene. The evidence found at the scene must be matched to the damage to the vehicle in an effort to determine where each occupant was sitting in the vehicle. The evidence might also be able to show investigators when the occupants were ejected during the course of the rollover.

Difficulties that investigators run into during rollover accident reconstruction is when all of the occupants are killed in the accident. There is no one to interview about who was sitting where in the car or what might have led to the rollover occurring.

Vehicle rollover investigations attempt to answer questions surrounding the following:

– Who was driving?

– What was driver’s condition behind the wheel?

– Did the vehicle have defects?

– Did the roadway have defects or debris?

Have you or a loved one suffered traumatic brain injuries stemming from rollover accidents? Contact our firm in Texas today to discuss your case and what steps you should take next.


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